How to make Christmas Leftovers sexy!

The glazed ham glistened so beautifully on Christmas day however she isn't looking quite the same. The turkey was juicy and succulent but days later, well, it ain't that special. The pudding was well worth the money, time, effort and copious amounts of calories but now what? Any of these situations sound familiar? If not, congratulations you got smart and ordered that smaller turkey and ultimately saved some dollars this Christmas! Yet if you are like the other 99.9% of Australians who over catered this Christmas - todays piece of literature will ensure all your leftovers will be put to good use! So let's turn your Christmas leftovers from saggy to sexy!


HAM-er Time!

Ham is the longest serving piece of meat that will remain in your fridge over this silly season, so get smart and creative on how to use the beautiful piece of meat. Ham has so many friends, think eggs, cheese and anything that starts off as a dough (bread, pastry and pasta). Given the salt and smokiness of Christmas Ham you can always make the infamous croque monsieur - thick bread, a generous smear of butter, white sauce and gruyere cheese! It's a real crowd pleaser because who doesn't love a glamerous cheese toastie? If you want to go a bit more casual I use leftover ham for fried rice, risotto, topping a pizza, mixing it in for a savoury muffin or a zucchini slice. Obviously, nothing beats serving it along side some wilted baby spinach and poached eggs or even tossing it through a mango and cos salad with roasted hazelnuts!

Turkey Time!


This giant bird can easily dry out in the fridge so try and use it up as quick as possible! Given the flavour profile of turkey is really quite similar to chicken, I always will replace a recipe which call for chicken with turkey! Some of the best re-creations of turkey I have made include turkey rice paper rolls with a nam-jim sauce, turkey enchiladas and Green mango, turkey and vermicelli salad. These are all winners otherwise I cannot recommend my turkey, cranberry, and buffalo mozzarella pizza . . . yes! Pizza!

Pud-ding up with the pudding!

This traditional style steamed dessert is a crowd pleaser as long as it is served with a boozy brandy custard! But, how do you get rid of the pud? Well, be sure to check out HERE for my sweet Pudding Pavlova! It sounds ridiculous yet the sweetness of the pavlova and pudding is cut through with the tartiness of the fresh cherries, red plum and mint! 

Enjoy friends!