Jacob Leung is no stranger to food.

Whether styling, preparing or developing recipes, Jacob has carved a niche in the food world, making food shine in all its delectable glory. An impressive repertoire of clients and work is testament to his primary passion, namely that,

“Food is the only art form which requires all 5 senses of the human body at once – it’s my creative expression!”

Not one to shy away from people or the spotlight, Jacob thrives when pairing his passion for food with a creative flair, a brazen determination to create something magnificent, and an unyielding dedication to delivering impeccable projects. His love for food is unquestionable – kitchen experience in his earlier days alongside a Good Taste Magazine People’s Choice Award, followed by years excelling in hospitality and events have sharpened his natural skill and resolve. Jacob continues to cement himself as a master of styling, recipe development and preparation, no matter the requirement or scope.




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